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    Regular Visitor Card

    Become a regular visitor!

    Come to CADEAUX Leipzig – and become one of our regular visitors!
    Being a regular visitor comes with a string of benefits such as:

    • Rapid access to the show without lengthy registration
    • Reduced admission
    • Free fair compass
    • Reimbursement of parking fee (one vehicle per firm, please)
    • Free advice at the CADEAUX Advice Centre (by arrangement)

    How can I become a regular visitor?

    Everyone visiting CADEAUX Leipzig at least once a year automatically becomes a regular visitor as of their third visit.

    Regular visitor status remains valid for two years. Please note that there is no legal entitlement to regular visitor status.


    • A customer ticket does not by itself grant direct access to the show. It merely entitles the holder to purchase tickets (up to four per customer ticket) at a discount.
    • Customer tickets are transferable within the firms to which they are issued.
    • The use of customer tickets is monitored and they will lose their validity if used improperly.
    • Regular visitor tickets do not entitle the holder to travel freely on public transport in the MDV network.
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