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15 to 18 May 2018 in Leipzig, Germany


If you are planning to attend OTWorld 2018, we advise you to find out if you need a visa to enter Germany as early as possible, taking into consideration the visa process time. The International Visitor Service of Leipziger Messe will be glad to provide you with information on visa matters

Quick help with visa matters

Congress participants and trade visitors who require a visa to travel to Germany can find helpful information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs :

  • Information regarding visa requirements
  • Current visa regulations
  • Details regarding visa applications
  • Download a copy of the visa application form

The address of the German embassy/consulate in charge, along with a list of the documents required to apply for a visa in your country (in German and the official language of your country of origin), can be found at the website of Auswärtiges Amt .

Applicants from the following countries are asked to contact the foreign representation of Leipziger Messe in their country of origin. It will assist you with your visa application (invitation letter etc.).


Moscow office
Telephone: +7 495 223 0283
E-mail:ignatowa @ leipziger-messe.ru

Büro St. Petersburg
Telephone: +7 812 3206137
E-mail:lmspb @ peterlink.ru


Kiev office
Telephone: +38 044 4905327
E-mail:expoalliance@ svitonline.com


Minsk office
Telephone: +375 17 2131810

Letter of Invitation

Congress participants and trade visitors from other countries, who require an invitation letter for visa purposes, should indicate this requirement when they register - by checking the relevant box.

They will be e-mailed a form asking for their personal information, which is required to prepare the invitation letter. Please provide all required information and complete all of the obligatory fields on the form, otherwise your application cannot be processed.

Once your application has been received and the information has been reviewed, you will receive an invitation letter within five working days. Invitation letters are only issued for congress participants and trade visitors of the respective trade fair, who are able to provide proof of their professional affiliation with the relevant industry.

Invitation letters are directed at the German embassy or consulate in charge, and will be issued in German. A copy of the invitation letter is sent by fax to the visa department of the German embassy or general consulate in charge, and also to your institution or company.

If you require an original copy of the invitation letter for your visa application, please notify us in a timely manner. The original will then be sent by regular mail. Leipziger Messe does not assume any costs for express post or courier services. If you wish to have the original copy sent by courier, you can arrange pick-up of the document on your own, and will be responsible for all associated costs.

To warrant the timely receipt of the visa, participants and trade visitors requiring an invitation letter for visa purposes should register early.

Contact person for additional information and inquiries:
Svetlana Urich
Fax: +49 341 678-168947
E-mail: s.urich (at) leipziger-messe.de