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15 to 18 May 2018 in Leipzig, Germany



The history of the orthopaedic and rehabilitation technology trade is at the centre of this established exhibition. Exhibits that were collected with a great deal of dedication and knowledge of the field combined with loans from museums and selected collector’s pieces form the heart of the historical exhibition that is put together for every event with a different motto.

History of O&P at OTWorld 2018

The special exhibition in 2018 will address the topic of orthopedic technology in Germany after 1945. It provides a retrospect on the 60 years of orthopedic-craft and guild-history. Special objects make an insight into the orthopedic technical development available.

Following the capitulation of the German forces, all German State organizations and associations were dissolved. With Hugo Storz from Colone began a restart in the summer of 1945. There was a re-start-up of a working group of orthopedic mechanics, medical instruments-technicians, and bandagist trade organizations. Due to a lack of production material, new and existing orthopedic shops began to create ingenious substitutes themselves. Unique samples provide samples of the technical orthopedic development. Thanks to the industrial development after 1975, technical offerings in the field of orthotic production are now available world-wide. Sometimes a look at historical orthopedic developments can be helpful in making a decision for the benefit and comfort of the patient, even today. Allow yourself to be inspired.


The 2016 exhibition was dedicated to the theme “Orthopaedic technology from Germany – an export model with a 120-year-old tradition”. German technical orthopaedics led to the establishment of businesses and workshops all over the world due to emigration and aid to developing countries in the 1920s and 30s. This development was strikingly recalled with numerous exhibits and special items.





From the invalid chair to the wheelchair – developments from the past 150 years. The exhibition showed the rapid advances in the fitting of patients and also honoured the achievements of the pioneers in the field.

The exhibition 2014 illustrated the central theme of mobility. Some objects were presented that had never before been shown to the wider public. They included wheelchairs from the 19th century, unique items that were produced in the 1980s in the German Democratic Republic according to individual specifications, or items from a collection of rare objects from the early 20th century. There was a look back to the technical developments of the vehicles up to modern-day production with custom features.