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    Press release from 3/6/18 | Z, Intec

    Wide Acceptance for Industry Get-together Intec and Z 2019

    Leipzig’s industry trade fairs with good registration figures – Placement of stands begins already in April of this year

    Positive signs for Intec and Z 2019: The successful trade fair combination is already meeting with great interest from the industry, almost one year before the next iteration opens its doors from February 5 to 8, 2019. The good registration figures will allow starting with the placement of stands for the Intec in April. Intec and Z 2019 invite any and all interested parties to the first key inaugural international get-together of the year for the metal processing and supply industry in Europe.

    With 1,382 exhibitors on hand from Germany and abroad in March of 2017, the Intec and Z managed to assert their strong positions among the leading industry trade fairs in Europe. The combined trade fairs are preparing to add another chapter to their success story next year.

    Preparations for Intec and Z 2019 are already in full swing. “Over the past few weeks, we have received very good feedback from partners, exhibitors and new exhibitors. The interest from the industry is great. We are very optimistic that our trade fair combination will continue its positive development,” reports Project Director Kersten Bunke. Thanks to the good registration figures, the placement of stands for the Intec will start in April; and for the Z in summer.

    From February 5 to 8 2019, the Intec and Z will offer both internationally active companies and small to medium-sized enterprises an attractive and efficient marketplace for good business transactions.

    Specialized program addresses hot topics relating to the industry

    In addition to the range of products, technologies and services offered by exhibitors of the Intec and Z, the specialized program provides cross-industry information, supports the transfer of knowledge and innovation between research and industry and is thus an ideal platform for networking.

    The newly developed special exhibit on “Additive + Hybrid – New production technologies in use” is one such example. With eye-catching exhibits it illustrates the integration of additive production processes with technological developments made in the field of light-weight construction. The expert forum integrated in the special exhibit provides in-depth insight into the current state of technology on all four days of the trade fairs.

    Digitalization, sensor technology, smart production and new mobility concepts and their impact on the production and supply industry are further topics, which play a key role in the specialized program of the Intec and Z 2019.

    Press Contact

    Press Spokesperson
    Mr Christian Heinz
    Phone: +49 341 678 65 14
    Fax: +49 341 678 16 65 14
    E-Mail: c.heinz@leipziger-messe.de


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