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    Press release from 4/10/18 | CosmeticBusiness

    Novelties of CosmeticBusiness 2018: Innovations and new products from the cosmetics supplying industry

    At CosmeticBusiness 2018 from 6 to 7 June more than 400 exhibitors and represented companies – including more than 60 new exhibitors – will present their innovative solutions for future cosmetic products. Visitors to the international trade fair of the cosmetics supplying industry will discover numerous new products in the areas of raw materials, manufacturing and packaging at the MOC Munich.

    All information given is based on details provided by the exhibitors. Leipziger Messe accepts no liability for the functional adequacy or safety of the products described. All photos are provided by exhibitors and may be used only for the purpose of editorial coverage of news and must mention the exhibitor by name in the photo credits.

    Pictures of the new products presented can be downloaded from the website at: www.cosmetic-business.com/tradefair/en/press/Press-News/Newsreport

    New products in raw materials and manufacturing

    The exhibitors from the fields of raw materials and manufacturing will be showcasing numerous creations and innovations at CosmeticBusiness 2018. These include a preservative-free hyalurangel, a wax obtained from the leaves of the tea plant, and a new active ingredient for body care that stimulates the natural process of skin renewal.

    Dermatest: The first worldwide – the accredited patch test of Dermatest®
    Hall 1, Booth B07

    Since October 2017 Dermatest has had the first accredited test procedure for the assessment of the skin compatibility of substances directly on humans. The new test procedure was developed and established on the basis of Dermatest's many years of experience and high-quality standards. It has also been accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. In addition to Dermatest's standard epicutaneous tests, a positive and negative control is included in the certified procedure. The products tested with the accredited epicutaneous test have the highest quality and safety standards that can be met with such a test. During CosmeticBusiness 2018 Dermatest will provide information about the test procedure.

    Web: www.dermatest.de/en

    ExperChem presents new gel Hyaluran sensitive
    Hall 2, Booth A25

    Visitors to this year's CosmeticBusiness will receive information at the ExperChem booth about the new gel Hyaluran sensitive, for example, which is free of any preservatives and suitable for all skin types. The innovative packaging protects the new product from germs and bacteria. The use of preservatives is no longer necessary. Hyaluran sensitive consists of hyaluronic acid and purified water. According to ExperChem, four different molecular masses of hyaluronic acid improve the skin's appearance. Hyaluron has been shown to contain 2.5 % hyaluronan, which reduces small wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and moisturises the skin. The promotion of wound healing has also been demonstrated in several studies. According to ExperChem, hyaluronan, which is also produced in the body on the inside membrane of the skin cell, is important for new skin formation.

    Web: www.experchem.com/en

    Inspira Cosmetics introduces Global Anti Aging Serum
    Hall 4, Booth C10

    The Global Anti Aging Serum 360°, presented by Inspira Cosmetics at this year's CosmeticBusiness, is the new and holistic formula against all signs of skin ageing. In addition to the moisturising and wrinkle-reducing effect, the serum convinces with its innovative blue light filter. This protects against harmful rays emitted by smartphones, computers and tablets and allows the skin to age prematurely. The Super Peptide Matrixyl Synthe 6 stimulates all six skin components of the skin matrix and dermal layer. According to Inspira Cosmetics, this should lead to an intensive lifting effect with a wrinkle reduction of up to 30 %.

    Web: www.inspira-cosmetics.com

    KahlWax: 6614 Tea Wax – product innovation made of tea wax
    Hall 3, Booth D22.1

    KahlWax presents the new 6614 Tea Wax at CosmeticBusiness 2018, which is obtained by CO2 extraction from the leaves of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis). The tea plant is native to East and Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent, but is now cultivated all over the world in subtropical areas. 6614 Tea Wax is a soft, olive coloured wax with a medium melting range and a characteristic natural smell and taste. The new product, for example, makes emulsions richer and increases the creaminess of the finished formulation. For these reasons 6614 Tea Wax is, according to the manufacturer, very suitable for decorative cosmetics.

    Web: www.kahlwax.com

    Passage brings 3D Gel Foundation and Isotonic SHHHOT to Munich
    Hall 1, Booth B20

    The Polish company is presenting the new products 3D Gel Foundation and Isotonic SHHHOT at this year's CosmeticBusiness.

    3D Gel Foundation

    The new 3D gel foundation from Passage is an innovative very lightweight gel foundation that feels like wearing nothing at all, while leaving a demi-matte finish. According to Passage, it ensures perfect coverage while keeping the feeling of "second skin" and a dewy effect. Because of the moisturising ingredient, it is called 3D gel foundation. The addition of moisturising and soothing ingredients makes the skin to be relaxed and softened. 3D moisturising can be interpreted as a hydration that takes place at every level (epidermis, dermis) and in every direction (vertical, horizontal). The 3D gel foundation from Passage is recommended for all skin types.

    Isotonic SHHHOT for the skin

    The new product Isotonic SHHHOT from Passage is inspired by food and the formula looks like frozen yoghurt. The refreshing stick for extremely sensitive skin made with cucumber extract and dehydrated coconut water for a smooth, nourished and hydrated skin. Furthermore, it contains to 40 % of water. According to Passage, the Isotonic SHHHOT provides a cooling effect. For a better cooling effect on the skin, it is recommended to keep the product in the fridge. This is perfect for flaunting natural glow and unique texture, gives skin a natural plush touch.

    Web: www.passage.com.pl

    Sederma: New active ingredient HYDRONESIS® for body care
    Hall 2, Booth D11

    Sederma is bringing its new body care active ingredient HYDRONESIS® to this year's CosmeticBusiness in Munich. The biofermentation product from Salinicoccus hispanicus, rich in nucleotides (500-1500 ppm), stimulates the natural processes of skin renewal by improving transporter dynamics and restoring hydrolipid homeostasis. According to the manufacturer, HYDRONESIS® combats keratosis pilaris, which affects around 40 per cent of women and is colloquially known as grater skin. In addition, HYDRONESIS® reduces redness after waxing, improves hydration and makes the skin supple for an attractive skin feeling.

    Web: www.sederma.com

    Seppic: Natural emulsifier FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY for fluid formulations
    Hall 2, Booth B12

    SEPPIC used its know-how in the chemistry of glycolipids to produce the natural, liquid oil-in-water and Mass Balance emulsifier FLUIDIFEEL ™ EASY, which the French company is presenting at this year's CosmeticBusiness. FLUIDIFEEL ™ EASY is sprayable and capable of efficiently stabilising low and very low-viscosity formulations. This facilitates the development of liquid cosmetic products, such as serums or lotions. According to Seppic, it is an emulsifier for everyone because its light textures nourish the skin and give it a soft feeling. Furthermore, the raw materials of the formulation do not need to be heated. Thus the new emulsifier FLUIDIFEEL ™ EASY saves time and energy.

    Web: www.seppic.com

    Synthos Care: VECTICELL ™ – method for effective delivery of active ingredients
    Hall 2, Booth D14

    The main task of human skin is to protect people from the environment. However, this positive property also represents a barrier to the penetration of cosmetic active ingredients and a major challenge for the cosmetics industry. The Polish company Synthos CARE, which is exhibiting at CosmeticBusiness for the first time this year, is presenting a unique delivery method for active ingredients. VECTICELL ™, which is produced from pure phosphatidylcholine, increases the penetration depth and bioavailability of active ingredients, protects the active ingredients from external influences and gives cosmetics a longer effect, according to Synthos CARE. The method will also be highlighted in a presentation in the conference programme of CosmeticBusiness 2018.

    Web: www.synthoscare.com

    New products from the packaging sector

    From master batch and packaging material to packaging finishing and printing as well as special components for packaging development to the finished packaging solution: Visitors to CosmeticBusiness 2018 can discover creative and innovative packaging solutions.

    Ballerstaedt: New seal material quality BaCo Sealfilm PET-W Unicoat 5.1
    Hall 3, Booth B14

    Ballerstaedt expands its portfolio and presents a unique new product quality at CosmeticBusiness 2018: BaCo Sealfilm PET-W Unicoat 5.1. According to the manufacturer, the smooth, white PET film is not only an eye-catcher but also has ideal sealing properties against all types of plastic containers. It is particularly temperature-resistant and can be used for heat contact sealing (conduction) up to 230 degrees Celsius.

    Web: www.ballerstaedt.de/en

    bomo trendline: New care concepts for lips and nails
    Hall 1, Booth B03

    With new products in the full-service area, bomo trendline offers high-quality formulas for lip care. In particular, lip peeling with bamboo exfoliating grains or a sugar-based formula have proven themselves with their moisturising active ingredients such as almond and macadamia oil. The nail butter in the SEVERA pot provides an extra dose of care – with scents of raspberry or vanilla. The lip balm from the bomo trendline range is presented in the innovative 8 ml Tottle from the ATHENA line. The bevelled applicator allows for a pleasant and soft application of the balm on the lips. These and other innovations will be presented by bomo trendline at CosmeticBusiness 2018.

    Web: www.bomo-trendline.de/index_en.php

    Corpack: SUGHERA material – natural look and soft surface
    Hall 3, Booth D02

    In addition to other innovative packaging solutions, Corpack will present the material innovation SUGHERA at CosmeticBusiness 2018. According to the packaging manufacturer, this new material, made of natural cork and a synthetic rubber blend, is versatile and boasts a natural look and soft surface. Corpack's new material consists of ground pieces of natural cork and a synthetic rubber compound (70 per cent cork, 30 per cent rubber compound). During the manufacturing process, the natural cork is injection moulded and shaped without using adhesive. SUGHERA is 100 per cent recyclable, lightweight and durable. In addition, fewer petroleum-based materials will be used thanks to this new packaging solution. The new material can be produced in numerous shapes and selected colours and can also be personalised using decoration techniques. SUGHERA is therefore suitable for various applications, for example as a component of cosmetic packaging. Thanks to the cooperation with the manufacturer Livingcap, Corpack is the first company to introduce this material innovation in a wide range of cosmetic packaging.

    Web: www.corpack.de/en

    Edelmann presents packaging solution "MOVE" and Eco Star film
    Hall 4, Booth B17

    At this year's CosmeticBusiness, packaging manufacturer and system supplier Edelmann will present the patented packaging solution "MOVE" and the transparent cellulose film Eco Star.

    Patented and awarded packaging solution "MOVE"

    At Edelmann's stand at this year's CosmeticBusiness, visitors can inform themselves about the patented packaging solution "MOVE" (Micro Oriented Variable Effect), which was awarded the German Packaging Award 2017. Thanks to “MOVE”, the printed image moves without costly lenticular or hologram films. According to Edelmann, this also makes packaging attractive, sustainable and forgery-proof – and at the same time reduces costs. According to the company, "MOVE" is a combination of a cleverly designed and arranged printed image with matching embossing. Depending on the angle of incidence of the light and the viewing angle, a movement in the print motif can be detected. In addition, iridescent colours can be displayed without the use of foil or paint.

    Eco Star Film

    The Eco Star film, which can be seen at Edelmann's booth at CosmeticBusiness, is visually distinguished by its unique surface gloss, colour and scratch resistance. Because the film is made from the renewable raw material wood pulp, it is sustainable and can be composted in the garden. The transparent cellulose film is vacuum-vaporised with a wafer-thin layer of aluminium. This creates the metallic shine effect. Moreover, thanks to the surface tension of 42 Dyne, nothing is missing in the packaging design: The Eco Star film can be printed in offset and screen printing, spot varnishable and embossable.

    Web: www.edelmann.de/index.php?Home-en

    GRAFE Group Design Center presents trend colours for 2019
    Hall 4, Booth D05

    For the 10th anniversary of the GRAFE Color Preview the Design Center of the GRAFE Group takes interested people on a tour through an exhibition of all previous campaigns of the trend colour projects. Also at this year's CosmeticBusiness, the trend colours 2019, which are strongly influenced by the two colours blue and green, will play an important role at the GRAFE booth. In autumn and winter 2018/2019, green presents itself more naturally by losing some of its radiance and being subject to a stronger yellow influence. Blue gets a grey haze in almost all nuances. The season appears in all its naturalness, but at the same time also in an urban grey. Energetic, optimistic colours form the accents. On the other hand, in spring and summer 2019, green will become much more yellow tinted and evokes different shades of vegetation. According to GRAFE, blue will receive a grey veil, which creates an atmospheric look. The season is a contrast of natural and original variations to chromatic and synthetic tones. Translucency and transparency are also highly relevant. According to GRAFE, everything is possible on the effect side, from a delicate shimmer to a strong metallic look and glitter.

    Web: www.grafe.com/en

    HCP-Rusi: New „Love“ concept ideal for glittery formulations
    Hall 2, Booth B04/C03

    Among other novelties, HCP Packaging and Rusi Cosmetics present its new packaging concept “Love” at CosmeticBusiness 2018. To flash lashes that shimmer and shine, a dinky HCP-Rusi stock pack with a specially selected threaded plastic applicator is perfect for top-coat glitter formula. The Fusion Sleek Lip Gloss “Love” features a flexible and cute heart-shaped flocked applicator for even and generous coverage – ideal for glittery formulations. Both packs feature matt silver finishes to the cap and hot foiled love heart designs.

    Web: www.hcpackaging.com / www.rusi.de/index.php/en

    Huhtamaki: "Bottle to tube" solution as an alternative to PP bottles
    Hall 4, Booth D21

    The "bottle to tube" solution, which can be seen at Huhtamaki's booth at CosmeticBusiness 2018, offers an innovative packaging alternative for the established PP bottles on the market. For the first time there is a tube laminate with a filling volume of up to 400 ml, opening up new areas of application. The PP laminate developed by Huhtamaki is completely recyclable as a monomaterial (jacket, lid, shoulder) and thus takes into account the ever-growing discussion about sustainability in the packaging industry. The tube also proves to be lightweight. According to the manufacturer, it weighs around 20 % less than standard PP bottles. In addition, the new tube laminate eliminates the need for labelling because printing can be done directly on the material. Huhtamaki also says that, compared to conventional PP bottles, it is much easier to empty the contents.

    Web: www.huhtamaki.com

    LAGEENTUBES: Digital Printing – a new world of plastic tube decoration
    Hall 2, Booth B19

    According to LAGEENTUBES, the beginning of unprecedented design freedom is enabled by revolutionary direct digital printing on plastic tubes. Now tubes can provide a truly unique customer experience. LAGEENTUBES’ digital printing solution offers end-to-end decoration that is seen and felt from every angle, on the shelf and with every use. This includes, for example, end-to-end decoration on-cap, seamless 360° decoration without a gap or overlap, unlimited customisation up to full personalisation and ultra-realistic images. LAGEENTUBES shows their newest innovations at this year’s CosmeticBusiness.

    Web: www.lageentubes.com

    Lifocolor: Trend colours "Sounds of Colour" and "Metal Look" effect series
    Hall 4, Booth F02

    The trend colours for the 2019 season ("Sounds of Colour") and the new effect series "Metal Look" will be presented by Lifocolor at CosmeticBusiness 2018.

    "Sounds of Colour": Trend colours for the 2019 season

    We experience the world around us with all our senses. We hear and see at the same time, the impulses are connected in our heads. In a world of permanent sensory overload, we perceive sensations selectively. In the search for new authentic experiences, this pattern is to be broken. Lifocolor is therefore investigating the question: How would we see colours if we could only hear them? As part of the forthcoming edition of CosmeticBusiness, Lifocolor will present the trend colours for the 2019 season with "Sounds of Colour" to visitors of the trade fair.

    New Lifocolor "Metal Look" effect series

    The new "Metal Look" effect series from Lifocolor offers metal optics without subsequent surface treatment. Metallic looks are currently in demand – and the demand for innovative solutions is increasing. Finishing processes such as subsequent painting or electroplating are often time-consuming and represent an additional manufacturing step. The "Metal Look" series comprises a master batch range based on a new pigment class. According to Lifocolor, this results in a metallic impression with exceptional gloss. It brings the metal effect directly into the plastic – without painting or electroplating.

    Web: www.lifocolor.de/en

    Lumson: New lipstick series "Pop Up Effect" with Italian design
    Hall 4, Booth E03

    Lumson introduces a new range of lipsticks, which will be shown at this year’s CosmeticBusiness in Munich. It is characterised by Italian design and manufacturing. Different shapes, which are unique thanks to the wide range of decoration techniques that Lumson can offer to his customers: from screen and tampo printing, to hot stamping, offset and the brand new Pop Up technique. The customer can totally customise his lipstick: close to traditional decoration techniques, there is the new digital printing called by Lumson "Pop Up Effect". This technique allows to perfectly reproduce the decoration on each component, without any variation in colour and thickness – normally present in traditional decoration techniques. Another benefit for consumer is the pleasant soft touch effect felt while taking into his hands a product decorated with pop-up effect, as he can really feel the image under his fingers and follow the lines of the graphics represented. Through Pop Up, it’s possible to obtain a final embossed effect on the decoration, through a dedicated optional passage of thick clear finishing – that can be either glossy or matt.

    Web: www.lumson.com

    Pirlo Tubes: Tuben^exp. – the tube market discovers individualisation
    Hall 3, Booth B04

    In the cosmetics industry, consumers want to be regarded as individuals. This need can be met by means of individualised packaging. So far, however, this has hardly been possible: The effort to produce individualised packaging designs for a single product was too great. This problem also existed on the tube market. A first step towards individualisation was made possible by digital printing, which allowed greater flexibility in terms of design options. Pirlo Tubes has set itself the task of offering a new level of individualisation. If one now speaks of individualisation, one distinguishes between unique and personalisation. According to Pirlo Tubes, up to five million unique designs are generated from a single seed file. In the case of personalised tubes, the designs are made up of various elements that can be varied with one another. In both cases, according to the packaging manufacturer, individualised designs are combined with static elements. The possibilities are almost unlimited due to individualisation, since each additional variable increases the number of different designs many times over. At CosmeticBusiness 2018 Pirlo Tubes will show how the company implements individualisation.

    Web: www.pirlo-tubes.com/en

    Quadpack: Powder Spray – ground-breaking packaging for dry formulas
    Hall 1, Booth B05

    Due to the trend towards water-free cosmetics, dry formulas are also becoming increasingly popular. Yonwoo's powder spray from Quadpack has been developed for a variety of powder formulas for skin care, make-up and perfumery. In cooperation with bottlers, the new product was subjected to strict tests. The pump dispenser with high-pressure Venturi nozzle and flexible, wide delivery tube dispenses the powder evenly in a targeted spray. The travel-friendly on/off locking system ensures safe transport. With its flush design, the powder spray can be adorned according to the brand image. The packaging for dry formulas will be presented by Quadpack at CosmeticBusiness 2018.

    Web: www.quadpack.com

    RPC Bramlage: Everything in the XL range – including user-friendliness
    Hall 3, Booth D08

    The new XL5 airless pump from RPC Bramlage, which will be on display at this year's CosmeticBusiness, is characterised by several advantages: It is designed for larger dispensing systems and is particularly user-friendly. The XL5 pump is suitable for a range of commercial applications, such as hair care and spas. On the other hand, it can be used as a family pack or for multi-product promotions in the field of body care. The pump can be mounted on the 500 ml Vinci AirFree® bottle. In addition, it can be combined with bottle formats that hold up to 1,000 ml. The dispensing unit is 5 ml. This means that the user always has exactly the desired product quantity. Another advantage is the high efficiency of the Vinci bottle. Thanks to the patented AirFree® technology, up to 90 % of the product volume is effectively available in combination with the XL5 pump. The dispenser system has an ergonomic mould for easy and convenient product retrieval. In addition, the large-format cylindrical bottle provides stability during use. According to the manufacturer, this is an advantage especially for highly viscous products – for hair and body care, among other things. Furthermore, the contents never come into contact with metal. This avoids the risk of deterioration of product quality caused by oxidation. An integrated locking mechanism makes the XL5 pump particularly safe for transport.

    Web: www.rpc-bramlage.com

    About CosmeticBusiness

    In 2017, 411 exhibitors and represented companies from inside and outside Germany presented themselves, their products and services at CosmeticBusiness, the international trade fair of the cosmetics supplying industry. CosmeticBusiness is the only international trade fair in Europe, at which the cosmetics industry meets up exclusively with its suppliers and finds the wherewithal for the development of all kinds of cosmetic products, from the raw materials and manufacture to packaging. The only sector meeting place in Germany, Europe's largest cosmetics market, this B2B trade fair is indispensable as a trend barometer for decision makers in senior management positions, in product management and development, as well as those in marketing, purchasing and production. CosmeticBusiness 2018 will take place from 6 to 7 June in the MOC Munich.

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    E-Mail: c.heinz@leipziger-messe.de





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