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    On-Site Check-In

    Please notice the following check-in times for Major and Junior participants:

    • Check-In for all Majors:
      8:00 to 23:00 on June 28 and 29, 2016
    • Check-In for all Juniors:
      8:00 to 23:00 on June 29, 2016

    In case your registration status is not “checked”, e.g. because payment may still be pending, we ask these teams to check in only after 13:00 [h1] on both days. Your registration status will have to be verified and fixed, if necessary, before you can be admitted to the venue.

    Check-in and entrance to the Competition Halls will be at the Congress Center Leipzig (CCL): Seehausener Allee 1, 04356 Leipzig, Germany

    After entering the CCL you will see check-in counters divided into leagues. Here your team leader/mentor needs to register the whole team [h2] (only team check-in, individual single check-in is not provided) by handing over the signed consent forms of all team members for receiving the material for all team members. Please keep in mind to bring the filled and signed consent forms of all team members with you – without those we cannot check in your team in. All checked in teams will receive a participant badge, a bag and a booklet for each team member.

    Consent Form

    RoboCup 2016 risk and damage consent form (129.7 kB)button image

    All participants have to print and fill out the consent form before the check in! If a team leader or mentor does not have all filled out consent forms of all participants, it increases waiting time for that team (approximately 2 hours), because hard copies need to get printed out and the team has to get back in line. For those participants that are registered in more than one team (e.g. team leader of two or more teams), please copy your filled out consent forms so that in every team your consent form is provided. For teams with team members arriving later please remember on getting also the consent forms of these members beforehand.

    Reminder: Check-in is provided only by team, not by single participants

    Participant Materials

    After handing all consent forms of all team members over to our volunteers at the league specific check-in counter in the Congress Center Leipzig, your team leader/mentor will get the following participants materials (each per member):

    • Participant bagde
    • RoboCup 2016 participants booklet
    • Participants bag with goodies of our sponsors, a catering guide for Leipzig and a city map inside

    Please be aware that it is forbidden to change or add information on the participant badge and can lead to withdrawal of the badge and payment of producing a new one.

    In every participant badge are vouchers for a free RoboCup T-shirt and one voucher per competition day for free water sponsored by KUKA.

    With your participant badge, which you will get during check-in at the venue during the set-up days (see above), you are allowed to use for free the different means of local transportation provided by Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund (MDV) to get from your hotel to the venue and back in the period from June 28 until July 4, 2016. During this period, the participant badges are valid as tickets for route networks for local public passenger transport services in the zones 110, 151, 156, 162, 163, 168, 210, 225 of MDV. Trams, buses and suburban railways can be used in the mentioned zones in the route networks in and around Leipzig as well as to travel to Halle (Saale). During the use of the local public transport the conditions of carriage of MDV shall be applied and must be observed. The participant badge should be always available during the carriage in the public transport network and must be shown upon request to the ticket inspector.

    Your RoboCup participants booklet will help you to get to know your way in and around the venue and Leipzig. It includes further important information for all RoboCuppers. The PDF file can also be downloaded from here:


    RoboCup 2016 participants booklet (4.6 MB)button image

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