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    Amazon Picking Challenge

    About the Challenge

    Amazon Robotics will be holding its second annual Amazon Picking Challenge at RoboCup from June 30 – July 3, 2016 in Leipzig, Germany. This goal of the Challenge is to strengthen the ties between the industrial and academic robotic communities to promote shared and open solutions to some of the big problems in unstructured automation.

    This year, we look forward to providing two real world challenge problems for the academic robotics community to solve, including picking and stowing tasks. The contest focuses on vision and how to identify the field of view, grasping, motion planning and exceptions.

    Scores will be based on how many items are transferred successfully in a fixed amount of time. Up to $80,000 in prizes will be awarded to teams as part of the competition.

    To learn more about the Amazon Picking Challenge, visit :

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    If you have any questions about details of the Amazon Picking Challenge please contact: Nina Lindsey, ninlin@amazon.com.

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