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    Short welcome speech by Burkhard Jung

    Lord Mayor of the City of Leipzig

    Ladies and Gentlemen!
    Dear Participants!


    Following the great experience at the world championships in Brazil and the exciting decision in favor of Leipzig, we now look forward to hosting this year’s 20th RoboCup World Championships. During its 1000-year history, Leipzig has always been a trendsetter. The city has made its mark as a fast-growing business location, and in addition to being the home of Germany’s second-oldest university, also boasts a diversified post-secondary education and research sector. Approximately 40,000 students at various post-secondary institutions are driving forward ideas and innovative processes with their curiosity and pioneering spirit. Both the vision and building blocks for our future are established at important research institutions such as the Max-Planck-Institut, BioCity, the science park and the Fraunhofer institutes – making Leipzig a very representative setting for hosting the world championships of robots. The RoboCup World Championships are certain to draw large numbers of interested and enthusiastic individuals. Come to Leipzig and spend some time in our city. Go on a journey of discovery through our impressive musical history or get a sense of the peaceful revolution of 1989, and immerse yourself in the diverse and first-class culture of our lively and growing city. Welcome!

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